Friday, June 24, 2011

A Divided Plane

A Divided Plane
Diana Matisz

I look in the mirror
and chisel my face
into quadrants of four:

hands never still
Slovak and English
quietly falling from lips
kissing the sweet crown
of a newborn's head
her plump cheeks rest
on the bones of my face

stoic coal miner
living for family
dying for family
the one of four
I never knew
his nose delineates
my facade

inner steel beneath
soft Scots burr
pale soap-scented skin
the backbone of family
deep-lake blue eyes
those through which
life finds me

digger of earth
puffing pipe smoke halos
cigars and pinochle
reserved Englishman
my hesitant mouth
speaks his words never said

These four without whom
my face would be
just a face.


Diana Matisz lives in Pittsburgh, PA and writes for the simple joy of it. She's also a casual photograper and her work can be found at Diana's Words, and Life Through Blue Eyes.

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  1. Great piece of writing Diana...I really enjoyed reading it! :)