Submission Guidelines

Generations of Poetry's publication schedule depends upon submissions.  We are taking a three month publishing hiatus, and will resume publishing in the Fall of 2012.  However, please do not wait to submit your poetry.  During the hiatus we aim to continue to reply to all submissions within two weeks of receipt.
Poetry should either be biographical about one or more ancestors/kin, or concern genealogy, the research, the rewards, and the pitfalls.
  • We welcome a broad cross section of styles, viewpoints, and philosophies. However, we do not expect to accept everything that gets submitted.  If we don't accept your poem, please do not be angry, or disheartened.  No two editors share the same preferences.  
  • The poetry must have been written by the individual making the submission. (Please do not submit the poetry your grandmother wrote, no matter how good.)
  • Previously published material is acceptable. (Please be certain you retain all rights though, and inform us where your submission was published, so we can give credit.)
  • We prefer not to receive simultaneous submissions. 
  • English language preferred.
  • We may accept poetry written in a different language, but only if it is accompanied by an English translation.  We will use Google Translate to verify that the translation is 'close' to the original.  However, we know these translations are often poor, so we will only use it to check the translation submitted by the poet. 
  • We do not accept anonymous submissions.
  • Please include the word, "Submission" in the subject header.
  • Copy and paste the text of the submission into the email body. Or attach a document in one of the following formats: Text, RTF.
  • Please limit your submission to four poems.
  • Please proofread your submission. If it arrives full of errors in grammar and/or spelling, it’s likely to be rejected. Include your name and email address in the body of your submission email. If you submit by attachment, include the information there also.
  • Please include a short bio.
  • Each submission is judged on its own merits so we don’t need to know if you have any previous publication credits. However, we like to let our readers know a little about each of our contributors, and you are certainly welcome to include credits, contact info, and personal website links.
  • We will do our best to reply quickly. Inquire if you haven’t heard back in 2 weeks.

How much do you pay?

We cannot compensate you monetarily. However, we give you the opportunity of additional self-promotion through the inclusion of links and contact info in your bio.

What rights do you claim?

The differences between internet and printed publications can cause confusion with the traditional terms used to describe rights.

We claim “one-time electronic” and “archive” rights. Your work will be published in the e-zine, and maintained in our archives. (We will delete your work from the archive at any time if you request. And we reserve the right to remove any work for any reason, though we are unlikely to do so unless there are legal issues involved, or space becomes an issue.)

The author retains all other rights.

Public Domain Poetry

Generations of Poetry intends to also reprint public domain poetry published by well-known (or sometimes less well-known) authors, and we will take suggestions for such poetry. These poems must be in the public domain.  Here are some guidelines for what is and is not in the public domain in the United States.  If you are suggesting such a poem, provide the entire poem, the author, the birth and death dates of the author, and the year the poem was published.


Feel free to ask any questions below in the comments

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