Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Remember my Granny Whiting

I Remember my Granny Whiting
Cathy MacKenzie

My Granny Whiting I remember so,
Lots of true friends, never any foe,
Happy to take whatever life brings,
Dear to my heart, gave many things.

So faithful to many, always so true,
Sometimes in pain, sometimes blue,
A quiet voice, no fuss would she make,
In her great world, she did not take.

She loved her God, prayed to him,
In her Church singing lovely hymns,
A beautiful voice that she had,
She sang many solos, makes me sad.

Her arms now lay upon her chest,
Her dreams of yesterday at rest,
She had feelings of love so strong,
Once she, too, did yearn and long.

She can now forget the hurting pain,
That must have left a lasting stain,
Upon her happy heart so long ago,
Burdens that God gave her to stow.

Her long life perhaps did unfold,
Like the open pages of a book so old,
I’m sure she had daily pressure,
And life secrets she did treasure.

Her life so fine a dream as mine,
Is over now, frozen in time,
The scattering of the dust
Leaves shadows in the dusk.

In Memory of my Granny Whiting
(Elsie May Phillips Whiting, 1902-1992)


Cathy MacKenzie finished an 800-page genealogy on her MacKenzie family in 2007. She now devotes her time to writing poetry, essays and short stories. She also paints, pastels being her favourite medium and her grandchildren her favourite subjects.

She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband, and they spend their winters in Mexico. More information on Cathy (as well as upcoming ebooks) can be found at WritingWicket

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